Moments | Terre des Hommes Orange Sale 2016

Too many children worldwide have no access to medical care and die from harmless diseases. Terre des hommes is committed to ensuring that the capacity of health systems will be strengthened in developing countries in order to improve the treatment of children. In more severe cases, we offer the opportunity for children to be operated in hospitals in Switzerland.
— Tdh

I've been wanting to do some volunteering ever since we moved here but haven't really gotten to it until recently when I read about the Orange Sale by Terre des Hommes one day. You can read more about Tdh here.

As a photographer, one of my favorite sessions are my family sessions. I love children and I love how unpredictable and full of life they are. It saddens me that there are a lot of children out there who need help but can't easily get them.

Growing up in the Philippines, I have seen poverty first hand. I was taught to appreciate what I have and to also lend a hand to those in need. I've joined lots of feeding programs, medical missions and collections for donations. My mom still regularly volunteers her time to help out during her community's Medical Missions around Cebu. So I was immediately excited to volunteer for Tdh after reading about them.

Signing up to volunteer through their website was quite easy. They have information in English as well which is a great for those who haven't mastered any of Switzerland's 3 official languages. After a few days of signing up, I met up with the the head of the volunteer team in Lausanne and confirmed my spot.

This year's Orange Sale was last March 11 and 12. There were booths in different spots all over Switzerland.

I was selling oranges in St. François in Lausanne on a Friday morning. It wasn't very busy during my shift but I still managed to refill my basket a couple of times. A lot of people recognized Tdh immediately and was eager to buy some oranges from me and even didn't want any change.

It was a really good experience and it reaffirmed my faith in humanity. There are still a lot of good people in this world despite everything that is going on right now.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to buy an orange during those 2 days. Your contributions will definitely go a long way to help children in need.

I would definitely do it again next year!