People | Joe Cavani

This new series called, "People", will feature people from all walks of life who followed their dreams and are doing what they are passionate about.

And to start it off, meet Joe Cavani. The man behind Beats & Tweaks: Berlin Bikes.


Joe is originally from the north of Italy but is now based in Berlin, Germany. He works on the bicycles in a garage in Berlin and the motorcycles in his garage in Italy.

I met him at the Tribu House opening night, and spoke to him briefly about what brought him to Geneva but I didn't expect his answer.

Joe can see right past an old motorcycle or bicycle and turn it into something unique and functional. When he gets his hands on an old bike, he challenges himself to think of what he can do to make it look better. Not only in the design but also in a structural and technical level: from welding to painting, from restoring to modifying. One thing I also like is that he prefers to work with recycled materials to create the final product. Like parts from other bikes that people don't want anymore.

I like taking the time to bring each and every piece back to life, paying attention to the details. And at the end, when I put them all together, they form a unique and rare bike with a story behind.
— Joe Cavani

He spoke with so much passion and enthusiasm about his work. It was inspiring to see. I couldn't leave without asking to take a portrait of him and he gladly said yes.

Some of his bikes will be displayed in the Tribu House gallery in Geneva in May 2016.


Joe is currently working on his website so you can follow his bike restoration adventures on Instagram: @indijoes